Al-Asr in Iraq

Who we are and what we do, our short introduction

In 2005 Al-Asr Iraq was founded and in the same year registered as a foreign NGO in Iraq vide registration no. NGO-2Z50382. It is a branch of the well-known organization, Al-Asr Scholastic Research Establishment London, UK. Our main objective is to provide welfare services to pilgrims and local Iraqis. Al-Asr Iraq started its services in Iraq by rebuilding a demolished Hussainia Pakistania in Karbala.

Vision & Mission

We have set goals and aims to achieve in a set time period

We aim to become the leading provider of education, medical and pilgrimage services in the region within five years. Our motto is Striving for education and cultural awareness. Our mission is to raise funds and build a high quality infrastructure that supports local people and pilgrims in education and medical needs in the best environment. Through strong planning and management, modern resources and well skilled work force, we will develop future generations and support local projects. We will work efficiently and with integrity to exceed the expectations of our Imam Sahib Al-Asr (A.S), donors and trustees.

Chairman's Words

Al-Asr is headed by Maulana Syed Muhammad Sabzwary

Our mission is to raise funds and build a high quality infrastructure that supports local people and pilgrims in educational, cultural and medical needs in the best possible ways.

That's why even after demolition of Hussainia Pakistania, We did not stop our services and since Dec 2014, Hussainia is operational in a rented premises and pilgrims and locals are being served at the best possible scale.

Our Services

Fcilities we provide to pilgrims and local Iraqis are as follows.


  • Hussainia
  • Majalis and Milads
  • Niyaz and Sabeel Projects
  • Pakistani Azadari


  • Short Vocation Courses
  • Students Support Program
  • Subsidized SVC Packages
  • Well-Known Teachers


  • Free Medical Clinics
  • Free Visits and Medicines
  • Free Lab Tests
  • Experienced Staff


Here are some highlights of what we've worked on and we are working on.

  • All
  • Hussainia Karbala
  • Free Clinic Karbala
  • Najaf Project
  • Sahla Project
  • Short Vacation Course
Juloos Ashoor 2015 Mau. Sabzwary Supervising the Juloos
Free Clinic Karbala Clinic Staff with Mau. Sabzwary.
Al-Asr Students Group 2015 After seminar in Haram Hazrat Abbas (a.s).
Sahla Project Wall Mau. Sabzwary supervising the paint work.
November 2016 1st Floor Walls completed.
SVC 2015 - Najaf Students having refreshments.
Free Laboratory Syed Nasim inpecting the sample at Hussainia Clinic.
Eng. Athar Sahla project supervisor, survaying the site.
September 2016 Main Gate Installed.
SVC - Classes Students having lectures.
Free Clinic Pharmacist Abu Rafal in his room.
Hussainia Night camp Pilgrims resting in tent.
September 2016 Walls and Doors installation.
Sahla Project Land Laveling
Main Gate Sahla Project
Free Clinic in Hussiania Pakistania Doctor checking patients.
Arbaeen 2015 Speaker addressing the pilgrims in Majlis.
Ashoor 2015 Volunteers distributing the food.

How do we work?

Here is our work plan, on which we are strict.

  • Step One

    Raising funds

    Engaging and consulting with members and supporters, enabling them to be more informed on issues of education, medical and culture, and to act in solidarity with locals in the Iraq.

  • Step Two

    Building High Quality Infrastructure

    We have built and are managing the Hussainia Imam al Asr Pakistania and Free Medical Clinic.
    The other two projects of approx 5000 sqm and 214sqm, in Sahla and Najaf old city are under construction.

  • Step Three

    Planning & Management

    Placing development workers to build the skills and capacity of local people.
    We describe the way we tackle issues as people powered development

  • Step Four

    Support locals & pilgrims

    Financial help to Al Kisa Welfare Trust, Kerbala.
    Working with WF, Beta Trust UK and IMI for the medical welfare of Iraqi locals and pilgrims.

  • Final Achievement

    Getting to the set goal

    Leading provider of education, medical and pilgrimage services and educational trips in the region with in 10 years.


Al-Asr's goals is to help pilgrims and locals in Iraq,
That is why we help our partners and also get help from them
to achive the said noble target.

Operational Projects

Now a days we are working on three main projects in holy cities of Najaf & Karbala.
SVC project is annual summer course, operational in July-August every year.


In 2016, After the demolition of Hussainia Pakistania. (It came in the Imam Hussain's Haram Expansion). An Iraqi well wisher donated us a plot of 300sqm worth $ 1.1M, for New Hussainia. Plot's land leveling has been started and plans are in process.



Old house was purchased for Imam Al-Asr Hussainia, Madrasa and Clinic in Najaf al- Ashraf and was demolished in 2011. Now a days project is under construction. The structure has been completed till 2nd floor and installation of main-gate's iron frame.



In July 2011, Al-Asr purchased 6000sqm land for its mega project named Imam Al-Asr Educational, Cultural and Medical Complex. Boundary walls are constructed and Main Gate is installed. Now a days the land leveling is being done.


Short Vacation Course

Don’t miss a chance of a lifetime to visit the holy mausoleums of our beloved imams (as) in Iraq and Iran on the Al-Asr SVC. This trip take our children to a more healthy and Islamic environment to let them get touch with and learn more about their religion.