Karbala Project

Hussainia & Free Medical Cilnic

What is Hussainia Pakistania?

Hussainia Imam al Asr al Pakistania is a multi-purpose building for the welfare of Hawza Students, Local Iraqis and Pilgrims in their medical, cultural and educational needs in holy city of Karbala. In 2005, Al-Asr embarked on the construction of Hussainiya Pakistania and only Free Medical Clinic in close vicinity of Haram in Karbala. The building was inaugrated in 2009 since then till 2015 it served thousands of pilgrims culturally, educational and medically with satisfaction.


Hussainia Pakistania was first built in 1930 by Marhoom Syed Haider Shah. At that time it was Hussainia Pakistania Punjabia. Pilgrims used to have accommodation facilities there along with Majalis, Juloos and Milads. In 1991, Saddam ordered the demolishing of 110 mosques and Hussainias, So this building was also demolished. After Saddam, it was reconstructed by Al-Asr and the new 5 storey Hussainiya, Free Clinic and Guesthouse was inaugurated in 2009.

Temporary Relocation

Hussainia Pakistania has demolished on Nov 1 2015, as it came in a Haram Expansion. The temporary Hussainia is operational in a rented premises.

All the facilities which were being provided in old Hussainia, including Niyaz, Sabeel, Pilgrims accommodation, Free medical clinic and pharmacy, Free wheel chairs, Pilgrims help desk, lost and found assistance, Free accommodation for students, etc. are now available in temporary Hussainia Pakistania building.


We provide welfare services to pilgrims and local Iraqis in their educational, cultural and medical needs.


  • Hussainia
  • Nazar, Niyaz and Sabeel
  • Majalis and Milads
  • Ashoor & Arbaeen Juloos


  • Good Accommodation
  • 2 min walk from Haram
  • Helpfull Staff
  • Kitchen Facility


  • Free Medical Clinics
  • Free Visits and Medicines
  • Free Lab Tests
  • Experienced Staff

Hussainia Pakistania
& Free Clinic

Reason behind project

Our mission is to build high quality infrastructures that supports locals and pilgrims in educational, cultural and medical needs, That is why our new project of rebuilding a Hussainia Pakistania and Free Medical Clinic for the welfare of locals and pilgrims is launched and operational from Jan 2016.

A gifted land...

In Jan 2016, After the demolition of Hussainia Pakistania. An Iraqi well wisher donated us a plot of 300sqm worth $ 1.1Million, for contrusting New Hussainia Pakistania. Plot's land leveling has been started and plans are in process. Site is at approx. 15 mins walk form Haram Imam Hussain a.s.

Sketch by
Senior Architect Syed Masood Raza.


Site is at approx. 15 - 20 mins walk from Bab al-Ras of Haram Imam Hussain (a.s)


Brief report of what we have done so far.

Structural Plans

20% Complete

Our volunteer senior architect Syed Masood Raza is preparing the site plans. He's working dedicatedly for Hussainia.

Donation Collected

10% Complete

From total cost of project which is $2,862,095, We have collected $1.03m in 2 months of project launch.

Legal Documentation

100% Complete

Land was donated by an Iraqi and now after the waqf process it is Trust's property. Al Hamdo Lillah.

Phase 1 - Land Laveling

34% Complete

As the land was garden before, now a days land laveling and other site surveys are in progress.

Office works

35% Complete

Our construction permit is in progress and Contractor Engineer Razzaq is following the case in muncipility.

Phase 2 - Site Security

20% Complete

Right now the plot has no limits and walls or babrbed wires. Work is in progress to ensure the site security.


Estimations and Approximations of Karbala Project.

Estimated Areas

Basement 300 Sqm
Ground Floor 300 Sqm
First Floor 250 Sqm
2nd - 6th Floor 1200 Sqm
7th Floor 220 Sqm
8th Floor 120 Sqm
Total Area 2490 sqm

Estimated Costs

Total $ 2,862,095
Our Capital
(cost of land)
$ 1,ooo,ooo
to complete
$ 1,862,095


Here are some highlights of what we've worked on and we are working on.

  • All
  • Hussainia & Guesthouse
  • Free Clinic
  • Temporary Hussainia
  • Temporary Clinic
  • New Hussainia Updates
Old Hussainia Pilgrims doing Matam.
Accommodation Ready and clean rooms for pilgrims.
Old Hussainia Niyaz distribution after Majlis.
Temporary Free Clinic Free Medical assistance for pilgrims and locals
Temporary Hussainia Reception staff at you service.
Industrial Kitchen 4th Floor - Demolished Hussainia.
Chehlum Juloos Banner stating; Pakistani Juloos.
Temporary Hussainia Clinic Lab Technician in his room.
Hussainia in Tent Temporary Arrangemnts.
Demomlished Hussainia Pilgrims resting in Hussainia.
2nd Reconstruction New Hussainia Project Land laveling.
Temporary Hussainia Assembeled and Furnished Tent.
Demolished Hussainia Technician busy in conducting tests.
Temporary Hussainia Back door from alley.
Demolished Hussainia Lack of space, pilgrims resting in reception area.
Temporary Hussainia Office Pilgrims meeting and assisting each other.
Temporay Medical Clinic Free services continued in Hussainia.
Sabeel Shehzada Ali Asghar (a.s) Being served after Juloos.
Lack of space Pilgrims resting in corridor.
New Hussainia Site Ground breaking in presence of land donor.
Large scale cooking Kitchen is transfered from demolished site.
Demolished Clinic Patients waiting for their turn.
New Hussainia Site Mau. Ali Naaqi with Al-Asr Chairman.
Juloos Ashoor Azadari in Haram Imam Hussain (a.s)
Demolished Free Clinic Doctor doing his job.
Temporary Hussainia after Majlis Niyaz being served, approx 1,100 plates.