Najaf Project

Imam Al Asr
Husssiania, MADRASA

Al-Asr Najaf Project

7 story multi-purpose building for the welfare of Hawza Students, Local Iraqis and Pilgrims of Imam Ali alyhis salam in their medical, cultural and educational needs in the holy city of Najaf Al-Ashraf. Now a days project is under construction. The structure has been completed till 2nd floor and installation of main-gate's iron frame.

Brief Hostory

After the successful operation of Hussainia Pakistania, Karbala in 2009. Al-Asr launched its second project in the holy city of Najaf Al-Ashraf, in the close vicinity of Haram Imam Ali a.s Old house was bought in 2009 in Hawaish, Najaf and was demolished in 2010.


10 mins walk from Haram Imam Ali (a.s)

Project Features

Project will help locals, pilgrims and hawza students in following fields.


  • Hussainia
  • Majalis and Milads
  • Namaz Halls
  • Meetings with Ulamas


  • Short Vocation Courses
  • Students Accommodation
  • Reserach Facilitiy
  • Well-Known Teachers


  • Free Medical Clinics
  • Free Visits and Medicines
  • Free Lab Tests
  • Experienced Staff


Estimations and Approximations of Najaf Project.

Estimated Areas

2nd Floor $ 27,559
3rd Floor $ 27,559
4th Floor $ 27,559
5th Floor $ 27,559
6th Floor $ 15,748
Total cost $ 125,984

Estimated Costs

Total $ 1,132,600
Spent till now $ 156,378
to complete
$ 976,222

Brief Report

What we have done so far.

Structural Plans

100% Complete

Al Hamra Consultants has prepared the structural, machanical, electrical and architectural plans.


50% Complete

Three floors are completed from 8 floor's planned structure. Insha Allah we'll complete in time.

Legal Documentation

100% Complete

Trust pruchased the land and waqf it in the name of Imam Ali (a.s). The land is Awqaf property and Al-Asr Trust is custodian.

Wall and Doors

30% Complete

In May 2016, walls construction of Hussainia, Prayer Hall and Ground Floor is started which is in progress.

Donation Collected

15% Complete

From total cost of project which is $1,132,600, We have collected almost $180K.

Front Elevation Kashi

10% Complete

Eng. Alia from Isfahan is going to arrange Kashi (Islamic Tiles Decoration) for the whole project.


Here are some highlights of what we've worked on and we are working on.

  • All
  • Latest - Nov 2016
  • Construction History
Old house costing $196K Purchased for Najaf project in 2010.
September 2016 Walls and Doors installation.
Work Starts House demolished in 2011.
Work in Progress Reached 1st Floor.
Alhamdo Lillah Second Floor's Roof done.
Marching towards goal Doors and Bricks work Started.
September 2016 Main Gate Installed.
November 2016 1st Floor Walls completed.
Walls Work Grund Floor's Walls Done.